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Kevin Patrick Sharkey

Professional Overview

Expert and leader in the realms of finance and property development.

Consistency in quality across a myriad of projects.

A keen eye for design, development, and relationship-building.

Kevin Patrick Sharkey is an accomplished professional with over 15 years of experience in the construction industry to his name. Located in Birmingham, Kevin has had his hands in a variety of large-scale development projects across a number of industries, including, but not limited to residential, education, healthcare, and defence sectors. Kevin enjoys gaining experience in many different industries because it helps his property development skills become more well-rounded.

Growing up, Kevin Patrick Sharkey watched his father take on similar projects throughout the course of his own career, and was thus inspired to follow in his footsteps. As such, Kevin ensured he had a well-rounded educational background to support his endeavors. He attended The University of Manchester, where he earned his Bachelors degree in International Business, Finance, and Economics, and graduated with honors, in 2003.

Upon completing his academic career, Kevin Patrick Sharkey launched into making a name for himself in property development. He began these pursuits first by acquiring a few small properties and renovating them to make a profit. When he began to see success in this regard, he quickly acquired more, broadening his scope from merely flipping existing properties to purchasing plots and building brand new homes from scratch.

In addition to his various projects, Kevin Patrick Sharkey also took the official leap into entrepreneurship, founding several small construction and investing firms that served not only professionals like himself but their community at large. Most recently, he established Key Land Capital PLC, an independent property investment and development company based in Birmingham, in September 2017.

Since the company’s inception, Kevin has acquired and completed several noteworthy projects, including Image House, a detached, 12,146 square-foot office building located on Foregate Street in Stafford. This structure is destined to be entirely overhauled and transformed into a beautiful residential space by 2020. The Image House project is just one of the many that make up Key Land Capital’s active £40 million portfolio, which spans the West Midlands.

Throughout all of his success, it is imperative to note that Kevin Patrick Sharkey has never taken a project for the sake of gaining the public’s recognition. Instead, he thoroughly enjoys what he does for a living. He wakes up every morning motivated to achieve new heights, to improve his community by expanding affordable housing offerings, and to take care of the people he has the pleasure and privilege of working with. Kevin firmly believes that, by following such principles, success will come naturally and will be all the more enjoyable to share.

To glean further insight into Kevin Patrick Sharkey’s career and areas of professional interest, be sure to visit his blog page, which will be updated frequently with related content.