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Mentorship is a valuable method organizations of any size can use to further employees knowledge and skills. Businesses can particularly benefit from mentorship relationships because it gives new employees the chance to connect with more senior professionals and quickly improve their professionalism instead of having to learn through trial and error. Mentorship is also a great perk your company can offer; employees may not work for you their entire careers, but a mentor can provide lasting benefits and knowledge that’ll follow them wherever they go. Learn more about some of the many benefits mentorship at your company can provide.

Gain new skills

One of the clearest benefits of a mentorship program at your company is that mentees will gain new skills. These skills could be invaluable in their roles and benefit the business. Whether they’re learning these skills from their mentor or their mentor simply directed them toward resources, improving skills is a career benefit for everyone.

Improve professionalism

For younger workers, they won’t have as clear a grasp on professionalism as many older workers. Being able to be mentored by someone with years of experience in the industry gives them the chance to learn some of the softer skills of professionalism and how these can benefit them throughout their careers.

Widen network

A mentor/mentee relationship allows each party to widen their network. A mentor can more easily introduce their mentee to their connections who can help the mentee on their career journey. A network is a vital part of any professional journey and opens the door to many great opportunities.

Positive company environment

A mentorship program, especially when it’s between employees at your company, helps lead to a positive work environment. Employees focus on ways to help each other advance professionally and are getting to know one another. For new employees and those that are more experienced, it’s less likely that this connection would happen organically.

Connections between generations

If your company has people who have been there for a while or are much further along in their careers, a mentorship program can help connect different generations. Instead of younger employees congregating together, they get to interact with mentors and see how a different generation has built their careers.

Career guidance

Many younger employees want guidance in their careers; they simply have no idea what they want to do or what their next steps should be. A mentor can help provide this advice and direct a mentee on a career path. Clear goals make for a better employee who’s more dedicated to their current job.

Better problem solving

Plenty of studies have shown that diversity is great for a business; people from different backgrounds can find better solutions when working together as opposed to with only people like them. Having mentors and mentees work together on problems makes it more likely that innovative solutions will be found.