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One of the toughest aspects of working in property development by far is finding property development clients. Without clients there are no sales to be had. This in turn impacts the amount of money or commission that is being brought in. However, there are certain tips that experts in the real estate industry have to help those in need of bringing in new clients. In this article are some of the tips that  experts have recommended for helping to find property development clients.

Online presence

Building an online presence is one of the very first recommendations that is given to those searching out new clients. In today’s day and age having an online presence will help to attract a good amount of clients. When people now look for property they typically turn to the internet. If clients just happen to run across an agent’s information online, they are more likely to contact the agent that they stumble across while browsing the internet.

Consistent social media

Speaking of having an online presence, the use of social media can be a key into drawing clients as well. Showing off the property that is being listed for sale on social media can help bring in new clients quickly. Promoting sales can also help drive clients that are looking to find an agent to list their property as well. Today’s social media platforms allows the real estate agent to instantly share their listings with potential clients online within seconds.

Volunteer work

Volunteer work in local communities is an excellent opportunity to drive up business and find potential clients. Word of mouth can still be an excellent resource to help network potential business transactions. Having a recognizable name that is known for their service in the community can definitely leave a positive impression that will have people talking. When someone has a positive interaction with an agent they are more inclined to share that experience and refer them to friends and family.

The key to finding property development clients is to utilize all the tools necessary. Clients are always looking for those agents who are active and constantly involved in the work they do. Seeing an agent who has a passion for their work makes a difference.