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Real estate has always been an industry that makes use of the latest technology. However, this trend has become a lot more evident in recent years. And whether you are an agent in search of more home buyers, a property owner looking for renters, or a prospective first-time homeowner, one or more of the following technologies are likely to play a large roll in your endeavors.


The effectiveness of blockchain to support cryptocurrency is well-known. But Blockchain technology has the potential to alter the real estate industry in ways that have not been seen before. Tokenization makes it possible for property owners to sell ownership portions to customers and contracts can now be drawn up between parties that make use of complete encryption. Blockchain also offers a built-in system of validation to provide legitimacy.

Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms provide agents an improved ability to gauge the ROI of a particular transaction before making a commitment. Agents will be able to estimate a sale price for a property as well as the profit that is available to their clients with much greater accuracy than they could before these algorithms.

Platforms for Transactions

Recent technology has simplified the process of buying and selling real estate while presenting more individuals with the opportunity to take part in the market. The explosion of real estate platforms both on and offline will provide sellers with more opportunities to reach the market. Meanwhile, buyers will have a much greater inventory of homes to choose from.

Virtual Walkthroughs

Every prospective homeowner would prefer to examine the homes they are considering inside and out before committing to a purchase. However, this can be problematic when the house you are purchasing is located in a faraway city. Virtual reality technology will solve this problem by allowing buyers and owners of a property to enjoy a walk-through of the home from their remote locations.

Big Data

Real estate agents spend a lot of time trying to tailor the properties they show a protective buyer to the specific wants and needs of the client. Big data is likely to one day make this a much less labor-intensive operation for agents while improving the level of accuracy they enjoy when personalizing property lists for clients.

Final Thoughts

The technology boom has made its mark on every business industry on the planet. This truth is no different with regards to real estate. Real estate investors of all kinds should make sure they are familiar with the five technologies mentioned above.