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Every city is its own ecosystem, but it can be easy to lose track of the ripple effect that seemingly isolated decisions can have throughout the community. That’s the case with Birmingham. It may be the second most populous city in the United Kingdom, but even the arrival of a single new business can have a major impact on the overall economy and well-being of the community.

One example of how new business is heading to Birmingham is that HSBC UK recently opened a new head office in the city. This move is a sign that Birmingham is one of the financial capitals of the United Kingdom, but this new arrival is also having a significant effect across a wide variety of different business sectors.

While HSBC UK’s new arrival has brought an infusion of wealth into the city, real estate developments in retail, industrial, and residential districts have been accelerating at a steady pace before the banking giant ever moved to the city. These developments are creating effects that will be felt across generations and improve the city as a whole. Local universities are already expanding their course curriculum and bringing in larger classes of students. New campus developments are also improving the impact and influence of higher education throughout the area.

It’s a development that hasn’t gone beneath the notice of Succession Wealth. The financial planning firm employs 40 staff at their Birmingham office alone, and they’re dedicated to providing the level of attention that only a national business can provide scaled to the needs of their neighbors. Succession characterizes themselves as a “local business, delivered nationally”, and it shows in their personalized approach to financial services. The unique growth of Birmingham brings with it unique demands and strategies, and the advisors at Succession are dedicated to building personal relationships with their clients.

Birmingham may be growing at a prodigious pace, but the city is ultimately its own ecosystem, and everything that happens within the city has a ripple effect on the people around it. Succession works to help the community, such as with their Succession Independent Schools – a special program that provides tailored solutions for education professionals. It can also be seen in their Succession Independent Women initiative, a bold approach that matches clients up to female advisors. This business is just one of many looking for ways to improve the city and help the people living there.

It’s hard to say where Birmingham will go next, but as their economy continues to grow, the businesses in the Birmingham area plan to grow with them.