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The world of real estate investment is changing rapidly. The biggest driver in this evolution is technology. Advances in technology have made it easier than ever before to collect data, conduct analysis and calculate the potential returns from investment properties. Some of the largest CRE firms in the world are working with schools like MIT to do this. However, for the standard individual investor, real estate investment apps are becoming ever more important.

There are plenty of different real estate apps available today. Many of these are suited to very specific paths within the world of real estate investment. For example, Property Fixer is an app that helps investors understand how much they might make from a given property. The app lays out selling costs, improvement costs and the purchase price. These can be compared to the sale price the investor believes they can get for the property. This tool makes it possible for real estate investors to see how much they could profit from a flipped property. It also helps investors to avoid properties where the numbers don’t add up, and there’s no real potential for profit.

Another great app for real estate investors is This is another great tool for investors who want to find properties that are easily flippable. lists properties that are owned by banks or are pending foreclosures. The other great feature of is that people can actually complete transactions within the app. In part because of this feature, the status of a property can change quickly in the app. A downside of buying homes through the app is that generally, the purchaser has never seen them before. Things move quickly on, and it’s not necessarily a great fit for novice real estate investors.

Mashvisor isn’t an app in the true sense of a mobile phone application. However, it’s a great online tool for anyone who invests in real estate. Mashvisor provides its users with access to plenty of great information and even breaks down data into two rental strategies. Investors who want to rent a property traditionally will find information to suit their needs. People who want to use more of an Airbnb strategy will also find data breakdowns suited to their plans.